Friday, February 11

Collection of Favorite IM's

Note: Once again, all names/logons have been altered to protect the "innocent"
  • slave2UNK: did i tell you i made a friend? she has 7 tattoos! one across her neck says "antisocial"
  • BearsSickbed: bo is back with hope. and the chance that Georgia is still alive is growing short
  • KvsKramer: Three extremely witty people. EGGS!!!!!
  • MomBack: not big on "change"...lucky for Brian :-)
  • Bears: yea. they need a febreeze bomb to go off in the locker room
  • ImoonPackers: as soon as i hit return, it says "your buddy is typing." then, "your buddy is confused, because now she's typing in the wrong window." finally, "your buddy is preparing a smart alecky retort."
  • DietKillerICS: wanna meet me in the kitchen for some cake?
  • Delirious: i don't care if people stare at my crotch all day... at least i got the damn things on
  • MrGreengenes: not sportin’ one yet but I want to. Business up front, party in the back. i'm gonna build a house of mullet
  • Winnona: it was hilarious, he went to take a test one day, and came over afterwards with the dick hanging out of his pants
  • slave2UNK: gong hay faat choy!
And today's winner (by a looooong shot):
  • Bears: Wonder how much it would be, if even possible, to hot air balloon over amsterdam countryside


Joel said...

lol did i really say that? hahahaahah

Scott said...