Wednesday, February 23

All The Drama is on TNT

My car is in the shop and I'm trapped at home without food but with a plethora of daytime tv. Who would have thought that the latter would be the most disturbing? I had to turn off the boob tube. For me, this is major. Captain Major. I promised myself that if the sexually ambiguous raspy Brawny commercial came on one more time that off it would go. That commercial is just too metrosexual for me or something and it gives me the willies. Not like the "John Basedow" willies, more like it falls alongside SpongeBob SquarePants, Doritos, and HomestarRunner in the great scheme of things which I just do not get.

And so it was done. And so I work on my paper and installing a VPN client. Hoping to phinish today. Hoping my head gasket is intact.

Is it art or a giant schmata?


Needtsza said...

Hope all you Hopes and dreams came true. Hope Hope.

eldee said...

ilike those brawny commercials..