Tuesday, January 25

The Life of Brian

For reasons thusfar unbeknownst to the Bearsenbees clan, our patriarch has been taken from us. I am saddened to announce that the Grim Reaper (not George, possibly Mason) came and, after a brief struggle, took our dear Brian's life. He is missed severely, and the whole clan has lost their collective minds.

For example, here we see Karen out on the lawn "Loving the sack baby". I'm not entirely sure what that's about, but it sure don't look good. If it's Freudian, then I guess we all know what's in the sack. Come to think of it, that might explain some of her other behaviors as well. Hmm. Maybe I should have Ursula start spraying some WD40 around the bathrooms, just in case.

Anyhoodle, Lincoln stopped bawling his face off long enough to give his mother a severely concerned look. A mental health physician showed up shortly thereafter. I shit you not.

Oh and Karen tried to fix something she shouldn't have and burned the crap out of herself. They really blur those reality lines when they reticulate those splines, don't they?

To round out today's riveting update, Lincoln's slacker wife Jane is in her third day-mester and has been a complete mental patient since Brian's departure. At least she's classy enough not to lose her shit on the lawn like some other sims I know. Oh hey-- that reminds me. The non-virtual us thought of a really great way to get back at our eggstaordinary neighbor(s)... remind me to tell you about that later...

Anyway, life goes on. Though Brian never got to meet his new grandson, the baby was named in his honor. Hopefully, Lando Bearsenbees will have better luck with the ladies.

Man, I could really go for some of that Der Waffle Haus right about now.

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