Wednesday, January 19


I've been encouraged to begin a blog. Begin, sure. That I can do. I'm not so keen on finishing things, but I guess this might work since blogs are inherently infinite. Infinite is good. I can work with infinite. For example, the paper that I should be working on right now, yeah the deadline for that ...not so infinite.

But more importantly, in anticipation of my maiden voyage as a blackjack dealer this weekend, I trekked out into the the wicked inch of snow this afternoon to get my nails done. Of course, as soon as the strikingly beautiful Vietnamese lady (the certificate on her wall indicated she was actually "Linh Mingh, Master Cuticle Technician". Seriously.) was done applying basecoat, two layers of "Waitress Red", and topcoat, I immediately smashed my hand into a little drying fan and messed up 3/10ths of her meticulous work. My nails are like half a milimeter long, barely the width of the polish brush, we're talking destruction extraordinaire here. Linh started speaking to another nail lady in Vietnamese. A nd I'm quite sure they weren't talking about my blog.

At least it wasn't just me... the black grating of the little fan was bathed in speckled smashes of pinks and reds. Yeah, so that's one more thing off of my to do list, plus I didn't have time to eat anything. I nfinitely good.

Are you still there? Wow.

Ok, so, yeah. This is it. I'm doing the blog thing. I can pretty much promise you I won't be updating anywhere near everyday, which you will soon (if you haven't already) realize to be another infinitely good move.

Hey, did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? He wanted to transcend dental medication.

Badum bum.


EBC3 said...

Is "waitress red" the same as "fuck me silly red"? Just curious.

Joel said...

aww you did it! i look forward to many great posts.