Sunday, March 28

Just Say No To No Drugs!

Forget the fortune cookie and look out Ghandi, the next wave in spiritual resources is clearly going to be the ever-knowing pizza box:


Noura said...


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Barbara Pinyan said...

I know many people who have been destroyed by drugs. My mom being one of them. Even if you don't care at the moment, always say no because more than likely you will care later!

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Onyx White said...

My best friend hung herself taking drugs she was the best person in my life and I miss her terrably. + I was the one who found her. Do not ruin your life by taking drugs.

Gage said...

haha that's priceless, I love getting moralistic messages on my junk food!

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Zoolajma said...

9 comments and no one pointed out that Gandhi is not spelled "Ghandi"?? Oh, the horror.
But I LOVE this blog, and even though there aren't any recent entries, I still return here every now and then. Now I just couldn't help but note on the misspelling, since that is often a topic here :).
Hugs, Joey